with nothing to do & nowhere to go we decided to go for a walk around base & explore the area, without a map. after one too many viewings of cinderella it was a wonderful idea.

totally captivated.

reading time

in attempt to let the kids burn as much energy as possible we let them walk & left the smart car {stroller} in the room. it was chilly outside so it was time to bundle up!

we walked up & down hills & inspected potential vehicles in parking lots. it was a nice change to not be in a rush for once.

then a sweet little girl got fussy & began to cry. so i had no choice but to carry her & minutes later we didn’t hear a peep.

sleepy girl

absolutely precious

our pink bunny slept in my arms while her big, lion brother had a blast running around the grass kicking the leaves & finding sticks. such a boy. he also enjoyed daddy picking him up so he could get a close look at the planes. maybe he’ll be a pilot!

my boys

can’t wait to frame this!

our sweet little bunny woke up as we left the grassy area with the planes which is near the main gate.

we stopped by the nex mini mart which is the only place on base to buy “sanity savers”. we thought we’d give this bottle a try.

awful. save your money.

a week later i picked up this bottle in hopes that it’d restore my faith in the wine selection here. i was pleased they have yellow tail & chateau ste. michelle but the moscato & riesling we adore from those 2 makers are the only wines they don’t carry. bummer.

a wonderful moscato!

to my ever so clever father it’s moscato, NOT muskrat wine!

my husband loved it. it’s sweet, but not sticky sweet & worked well with cheese & crackers & even shake & bake chicken!

my favorite experience this far was when i went to get ice & the machine was written in japanese. luckily the japanese housekeepers here in the Navy Lodge walked by at that critical moment when i couldn’t figure out what button to push!

you push the red button to dispense ice

who knew getting ice could be so difficult?