one of the perks of staying in the Navy Lodge is free, secure, in room internet. there is a binder that tells you how to set it up & provides both the network keys & password.

however, once you go to google it will be in japanese. so all results for any searches or shopping will be in japanese.

in english please!

sorry but i don’t read, write or understand japanese.

i tried to fix it several times with absolutely no luck. remember my lack of patience?

while skyping with my mom i told her about the problem & as always she did her best to help. gotta love moms!

but when i tried to open it reverted back to japanese google.

why in the world does something like english google need to be sooo complicated! i understand technology but am not a full-time IT support help desk. i happily leave that job to someone else.

late one night, while the other circus members slept i talked with our daughter’s fairy god-mother on Facebook.

naturally i blurted out that i was in desperate need of help & sure enough she was willing to take on such a difficult task. i’m sorry i’m such an awful friend & demand help with my problems before asking how you are.

after logging into my google account & verifying that my settings were all in english she sent me this link.


i’ve added it to my favorites bar so i won’t ever be without english google.

tip #24   add english google to your favorites so you won’t have to go through my ordeal