after a week & a day of walking around base as we’re car-less till we get our Japanese drivers licenses i decided it was time to go explore the town {what’s right outside of base}.

mount fuji in the distance from base

 i met an officers wife who told me there was a dollar store on the 3rd floor of the daiei. she must have sensed that i’d been confined by the walls of base for too long. i wondered if the daiei had produce as most of what’s sold at the commissary is outrageously expensive!!

so i buckled the kids into the smart car {our stroller} & off we went. i was excited about what we might see & i hoped they shared my excitement. is it possible for kids to get excited for things that aren’t toys?

i vaguely remember the last bit of our shuttle ride to our base so i felt confident with the area right outside base.

further up this street on the left hand side is wellcham’s, a car lot where many military people by cars. every time we’ve asked someone where to buy a car we’ve heard  wellcham’s. these cars come with a warranty unlike one you might buy in the “lemon lot”. plus they take care of paperwork & getting your temporary tags from the city hall which is a 40 minute drive from base.

when you get to the top wellcham’s will be on your left & you’ll cross the street to the right. you’ll then walk across the overpass & walk across the street & make a left. after walking a bit longer you’ll see the back of the daiei on the right.  keep walking & follow the path to the right & you’ll be at the entrance.

japanese people chain their bikes to racks out front but strollers are allowed inside.

the first thing you’ll see is the produce section on the right.

at the end of the produce department is the meat section. i didn’t buy any meat but i have heard that meats at the daiei are pricier than meat at the commissary. however the meat section at the commissary has signs posted of which items we previously frozen & shouldn’t be re-frozen.

past the meat section are many rows of other foods, like baked goods, soups, oils, seasonings,etc.

i thought i’d find a kid friendly Japanese snack for my littlest to try & remember seeing these sold at Target.

trying out 3 flavors

being a undecisive momma & since i never know what my kids will eat i bought 3 flavors so we could sample them all.  pocky also has an amazing almond crush flavor which is chocolate with crushed almonds. i kept those for myself!

my kids LOVE these thin chocolate dipped biscuits & i love that they’re not incredibly messy {only when the chocolate melts or if they grab them the wrong way}

i was craving something salty so off we went down the chip aisle

a great edamame snack!

lastly we went down an aisle that is close to my heart as it reminds me of my late Nana, a woman who traveled the globe & adored basmati rice!

you would have had a field day here

some of the bags were $30!

our first trip out was a success as i remembered how to get back to base!!