hi there. i hope you’re enjoying the 4 ring circus. 

it seems that i almost always drink while i write. while i do reference “sanity savers” quite a bit, that’s not the particular beverage i’m referring to.

if you were in my home i’d offer you a drink. 

depending on the season i might serve you a nice tall glass of sweet tea, 

or a margarita, 

or a cold beer,

or one of my incredible frozen mudslides {which might have you falling out of your chair}

but it’s getting cold outside, 

and even though it’s not “technically” winter,

any chilly or breezy day is a great excuse for hot chocolate! 

and those who know me will understand, 

that i’ve been enjoying a cup or two, or three 

of decadent hot chocolate. 

all while fending off 2 weaselly toddlers waiting to wrap their little mouths around mommy’s precious mug

{brief history about this little mug: he was rescued from the clearance section of target & was intended to be used only for our 5 remaining weeks in virginia beach. however, our attachment grew quite strong & i was overcome with extreme guilt at the thought of abandoning him at goodwill. this guy braved many conveyor belts after being tightly wrapped in a confiscated hotel towel as i’d failed him miserably by not allowing him suitable space in any of our 5 carry-on’s. as i unwrapped him from the towel i redeemed myself & promised him a seat of his very own from there on out}

perfect whipped cream garnished with sprinkles

perfect whipped cream garnished with sprinkles

for me it’s all about the whipped cream 

ok and the sprinkles… 

oh and do i have a collection of sprinkles!! 

who needs starbucks when i’m this talented?!?

indulge in a cup of bliss & don’t be afraid to add more whipped cream after it’s all gone!