In my research before my husband’s and my climb I came across numerous Fuji packing lists. Each list included essential items and then optional/additional gear. I have compiled a major list so if I’ve listed something you might not want to take that’s your decision. I’ve also included specifics of what gear we took, not that you need to buy that particular brand but it’s always helpful to see what worked for someone else.

  • Back pack [my husband and I each carried one. Mine is by Swiss Gear & can hold a laptop. We purchased it at Office Max prior to our PCS to Japan to hold all over paperwork & I highly recommend it.]
  • Camel back [I carried our 70 oz one which is equivalent to 2L. I filled it before we left and it will hold 3 1/2, 16.9 oz bottles of water]
  • Extra water [some posts said to carry 1-4 L of water per person. I felt this was a personal decision & my daily water intake is always higher than my husband’s. I loaded 13, 16.9 oz water bottles in my husband’s backpack {hey he said he wanted to carry it}. Those 13 bottles were 220 oz = 5 L. We refilled the camel back 2 times and went through 5 bottles on the mountain. Keep in mind you have to pay 200¥ to use the bathrooms & won’t want to constantly have to go]
  • First aid kit [assortment of band aids, alcohol wipes, Neosporin, Advil, any other medications you take daily. You could also include heat patches, instant ice packs, ace bandages, etc]
  • Moleskin [the Nex Depot sells a pack of 22 pre-cut moleskin patches, perfect to prevent blisters. I thought I would need this but was surprised when I didn’t and walked away without any blisters on my feet]
  • Canned oxygen [We bought 2 cans locally in town so we didn’t have to pay 1,000-1,500¥ for it on the mountain. We didn’t use either bottle as we took small breaks to allow our bodies to adjust to the altitude.] 
  • Sunscreen
  • Chap-stick [Climbing up Fuji you can experience awful winds.. I bought this at the NEX] 
  • Sunglasses [I wore mine at night to keep the dust out of my eyes]
  • Head lamp [I purchased ours at the NEX Depot but they also sell them at the NEX Home store]
  • Deodorant 
  • Extra batteries for the head lamp [our type takes AAA batteries]
  • Bandanna [to tie over your mouth if you opt to not use a face mask]
  • Face masks [to keep the dust out of your mouth. This was one of the items we picked up at 7/11 on our way to Fuji but we accidentally left them in the car. Luckily I was able to buy just one at a mountain hut for 100¥]
  • Gloves to protect your hands from climbing over rocks [I used a pair of fast fit mechanix gloves purchased at the NEX Depot]
  • Hiking boots [I bought this pair of men’s Columbia hiking boots at the Atsugi NEX last summer. I’m a size 10 in women’s, but my size 9 boots are a perfect fit]
  • Sneakers [my husband wore his new balance sneakers and didn’t complain of any issues with traction or discomfort]
  • Low cut ankle socks [Once again I go to the men’s section.. Men’s socks will give me more room than a woman’s sock and are usually more cushioned in my opinion. I purchased the Under Armour Heatgear Trainer socks in a size large. They are sold in a pack of 3 & come in white or black. These were the perfect fit and super comfortable. These are sold at the Atsugi Nex]
  • Heavy duty tall hiking socks [I purchased the Under Armour Hitch Heavy Cushion Boot sock which is also sold in the men’s section at the NEX. It’s a single pair of boot socks which was enough for me. I loved the thickness of the sock and loved how it didn’t have an itchy wooly feel. I wore these over the white ankle socks and turned the top of the sock down over my tied laces to take place of boot gaiters
  • Extra socks [placed in Ziploc bags] 
  • Sports bra [take an extra in a Ziploc bag] 
  • Extra pair of underwear 
  • Rain gear [coat, pant, poncho] 
  • Hand warmers 
  • Extra shirts/fleece’s
  • Extra shorts
  • A small towel or two to dry yourself or wipe away sweat 
  • Hair Ties 
  • Face wipes 
  • Bathroom wipes [an alternative to toilet paper & you can find these at the NEX in the travel section]
  • Clorox hand sanitizing wipes 
  • Wisp’s [because having fresh brushed teeth after being awake for hours makes you feel like a human again. You can find these at the Commissary]
  • An assortment of energy bars [we took Power Bar’s, Pure Protein Bars, Cliff Bar’s, Luna Bars & Kind Bars. We loved this Luna bar & this Kind bar].
  • Gallon Ziploc bags to bring all our trash home as there aren’t trash cans on the mountain 
  • 5,000¥ in coins for stamps & the bathrooms 
  • 500,000 for tolls, bus, taxi, souvenirs, huts, any emergency situation [we spent money on a taxi as the buses weren’t running at 8 pm Friday night when we arrived & in the middle of a downpour we spent 3,000¥ per person to be warm in a hut. It’s better to have more money than not enough because the last thing you want to face is a problem like a 12,600 taxi ride and not being able to afford it.]
  • Id’s, drivers licenses & medical insurance cards [if you have a local Japanese hospital insurance card make sure to bring that in the event of an emergency. I brought just the ID’s I needed instead of my entire wallet.]
  • We left a change of clothes in our car as well as comfortable footwear. I was so relieved when I was able to take off my boots and put on flip flops.