after TSA screening, hustling through airports with 2 toddlers, an amazing Delta flight attendant Patti, several doses of Benadryl, 3 plane rides, 1 overnight stay in a less than desirable hotel in Seattle, 8 checked bags, 6 carry ons, 2 car seats, a double stroller that’s as big as a smart car, clearing customs, an awful shuttle bus drive from Yokota Air Base to NAF Atsugi, we arrived safely in Japan.

after being up for about 32 hours we were exhausted & simply wanted to sleep however we were advised to attempt to stay up for as long as possible to help our bodies adjust to the time difference. they must not understand that mama needs her beauty sleep.

my husband & i wanted to fall asleep as soon as possible but our 2 toddlers had other things on their agenda.

read: opening the cabinets, flushing the toilet 10 times in a row, turning on the shower, ripping the toilet paper like cats from a previous life, pulling the heater knob off & throwing it into the heater followed by dropping toys down there for “long term storage”, the list goes on…

our spacious 2 bed room, 1 bath, kitchenette room at the navy lodge is large enough for the 4 ring circus, yet big enough for 2 toddlers to drive us nuts!

we’re grateful for our amazing family & friends who wished a safe trip.

we might be in Japan, but our sanity is gone!

especially mine.